Whenever I write one of these posts or work on a web dev project. I am always hunting for a free icon that represents the product, project or post that I am working on. This task could be very hard if it were not for these great resources. But be prepared for fits of joy as you access the tools that are now within your reach.

These Free Icon Search Engines can help you easily find the design icons that you need for your project. At the same time they readily help you determine what the license details are for each icon. They make it much easier to create license compliant projects than it was in years past.

I have found these resources to be very valuable. In keeping with the spirit of the icon artists who have offered them freely. I share them with you and hope that they help you add some class and color to your projects. We all know that free and open source developers can usually use some additional class. Many of these icons help provide that in some degree.

So here are the free icon search engines in no particular order.


Icon Finder


IconFinder Free Icon Search Engine



 Find Icons


FindIcons.com Free Icon Search Engine



Icon Archive


iconarchive Free Icon Search Engine



The Noun Project


The Noun Project Free Icon and Licensed Icon Repository





iconlet Free Icon Search Engine



Web Tool Hub


WebToolHub Free Icon Search Engine



Very Icon


VeryIcon Free Icon Search Engine



Icon Wanted


iconwanted Free Search Engine



Mr Icons


MrIcons Icon Search Engine



Icon Fever


IconFever Icon Search Engine



 Icon Seeker


iconseeker Icon Search Engine



Icons Search


iconssearch Icon Search Engine