We love development in all its many flavors, wether we are developing an application, web application, plugin, extension, or CMS. You name it, we love taking a crack at its development. Although we have developed in many languages, the language and platform that we love and use the most is with LAMP, and most specifically with the WordPress platform.

So browse around and take a look at some of our development work. We have created several WordPress plugins, and have many more in planning stages. So if there isn’t something here that will fix you up, feel free to drop us a line and make a request, we would be happy to take a look at your suggestion and see if it would make a good plugin.


WordPress Plugins

Today in History

The Today in History plugin provides the user with the capacity to display brief snippets in their sidebar that describe events that have occurred throughout the last two millennia, as well as a hefty dose of modern history.

In order to reduce load and burden on the users web server the database of thousands of entries are hosted here with macnative.com. The widget requests new content once a day to keep the events fresh, and ensure that there is minimal load on the users server.

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Browser Blocker

With the advancement of technology and browsers that have left many old issues behind them Browser Blocker has basically run its course. As a result we have no plans to release a new or updated version of the plugin.

The Browser Blocker Plugin puts the power in your hands to control what browsers(versions) can access your website content and which ones cannot. For the browsers(versions) that you block, the user has control over the splash screen that their clients receive. There is a “simple” mode for those who just want to block some browsers with the default settings, and there is an “advanced” mode for those who want to have a little more control over what is displayed to their clients.

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Social Crowd

The supported social networking sites have changed their api’s and we have shifted our focus in such a degree that the supporting API’s are not longer working for this plugin. As a result we also have no plans to release a new or updated version of the plugin.

The Social Crowd WordPress Plugin grabs the latest counts of your Friends/Fans/Followers etc from your Favorite Social Networks and then outputs them in count form for you to use them as you wish. The counts that are returned come raw and without styling, so you can make them look and feel like your website. With the latest release of Social Crowd you can now easily display your social stats with our new widgets, designed to make it easy to get your stats displayed. It is the perfect solution to encourage more users to join your network.

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