Working in the IT world and being a Mac user, I am constantly asked the question “Should I get a Mac”? As if there was any question. Today I will briefly share my reasoning with you. When someone asks that question the only right response would be to ask a question in return, “What do you use your computer for”? If they only use their current computer to play old DOS games then they should probably stick with the computer that they have. But if they use windows at all, and still have a pulse, then there is a high probability that they could benefit from switching.

With an Intel processor under the hood, the current mac is the most versatile computer on the market, In my opinion. You can obviously run OSX on the computer. You can also run Windows, and Linux, BSD, Solaris, etc. So if there is something that you really must use windows for, Two solutions exist. Either using BootCamp to allow you to dual boot into both Windows (or some other more productive OS) and OSX. Or my favorite solution , using some virtualization sofware like Parallels or VMware Fusion. This software allows you to install and run other Operating Systems right from within OSX. With the virtualization software you have the ability to store your files outside of the windows virtual machine on your Mac, and then clone or make snapshots of your windows OS so that when (not if) windows suffers from malware or spyware or a virus, you can simply restore to your last snapshot, not loose any of your documents (because they were all saved outside of windows) and be back up and running in minutes, rather than days or weeks working with your local IT guys.

In my opinion this provides the ultimate computing solution. Safe, secure, performance in OSX that can be accented with brief musings in the Windows world, and then turned off again. Ahhhh, Computing Bliss.