Spirited Away is a sweet little application that helps you manage distractions so that you can remain focused at all times.

You’ve been there before, working hard on a project, opening lots of different windows for different applications, and pretty soon you cannot see what you are working on for all the other windows that are hanging around.

With Spirited Away you can avoid getting distracted by focusing on the application that you are currently using, and it alone. How does this litte app get this amazing feat done you ask?

Spirited Away pays attention to the apps that you are using, and the ones that you are not. After a predetermined amount of time (user defined, 60 seconds by default) an idle app is hidden from view. You can also select specific apps that you would like to be exempted from this “hiding” behavior by clicking the ghost icon in the menu bar. So don’t get carried away with yourself, stay focused and productive with Spirited Away.

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