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Let’s face it, Skype has changed the way most of us communicate. From it’s early years it was the application that allowed many people to first cut their teeth on the usage of VOIP, albeit Skype’s own original VOIP creation.

With that innovation came an almost ubiquitous usage of skype as the Instant Messanger and Audio/Video messenger of choice. And while that makes it pretty easy to get in touch with other people… is there something that helps Skype continue to stand out from the pack of so many different Instant Messaging platforms?

Well strap yourself in because we have 5 of the Top Skype Addons for your Mac that can help you get the most out of your Skype experience.

Skype Addon: FireArc Arcade

Skype Addon FireArc Arcade

FireArc Arcade integrates with Skype to let you play several different games with your friends online over Skype.

The Games included with FireArc Arcade are:

  • Table Tennis (Like Pong)
  • Navy Ships (Like Battleship)
  • Line Up 4 (Like Connect Four)
  • Mancala
  • Multiplayer Whiteboard
  • Go
  • Chess
  • Tic Tac Toe

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Skype Addon: Callnote

skype addon callnoteCallnote allows you to record your Skype calls and save them to Evernote. So no more of this He-Said, She-Said stuff, simply record your calls and conversations and then they are automatically uploaded to Evernote so you can always find them.

Some of the features of Callnote include:

  • Record the call.
  • Save voice recording as an Evernote note automatically.
  • Record up to 8 participants simultaneously.
  • Includes participants’ names in the note.
  • Includes call time and call duration in the note.
  • You can choose the note to be sent to Evernote automatically as soon as recording stops.
  • You can choose to be asked for approval before sending the recording to your notebook.
  • You can choose for recording to start and stop automatically when the call starts/stops.
  • You can manually start/stop recording at any time.
  • You can select the destination Evernote notebook.
  • Use the voice recordings from your hard disk for other purposes.
  • Set the frequency for purging recording files from your hard drive automatically.

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Skype Addon: InnerMeeting

skype addon innermeetingInnerMeeting allows you to have greater control over your Skype Screen sharing session. It provides an easy and elegant way to present a Powerpoint or conduct an online training class, and all the observers need is to have Skype, no additional plugins required.

Some of the Features of InnerMeeting include:

  • Show your entire desktop.
  • Show just one application.
  • Privately chat with one another.
  • Conference bridge available.
  • Send out invitations.
  • Skype call-out integration.
  • Pass control to any guest.

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Skype Addon: YugmaSE

Skype Addon YugmaSEYugmaSE takes meetings over Skype to a whole new level. Rather than simply having a screen sharing session, YugmaSE turns skype into a full blown web conference presentation tool.

Some of the Features of YugmaSE include:

  • No Yugma registration required – only a Skype Name is needed to use Yugma SE.
  • Free, unlimited online meetings for 1 host and up to 2 attendees.
  • Easy-to-use desktop and application sharing.
  • Share your desktop or any application with Windows, Mac or Linux users.
  • Shared Mouse & Keyboard control
  • A Whiteboard feature that allows you to interactively brainstorm and capture your ideas during a Yugma meeting.
  • Annotation tools allow you to draw lines, shapes, and freehand in order to highlight what you are presenting to others. You can save your whiteboard diagrams and annotations in standard JPEG format for later use.
  • Shared File Space
  • Meeting Recording, Playback, and Webcast
  • Change Presenter


Skype Addon: Click to Call

Skype Addon Click To CallSkype Click to Call adds some web browser integration that highlights phone numbers on websites and gives you a button to call them via Skype directly from your browser.

Some of the Features of Click to Call include:

  • Automatically highlights Skype Names and numbers wherever they appear on the web, and lets you call them with one click through your Skype account. It’s free to call numbers highlighted in blue; they’re labeled Free call. For numbers that are highlighted in gray you’ll need a little Skype credit or a subscription.
  • Calling destinations are represented by a country flag next to the number.
  • Add a Skype Name or number to your Skype contacts and copy a highlighted number to paste it into an email or instant message.
  • See the latest Click to Call updates.

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