Secret Skype EmoticonsI use Skype on a daily basis to communicate with clients and friends around the globe. And once in a while one of my dear friends will use an Secret Skype Emoticon that I cannot find in my little emoticon pick list.

I decided that there must be a list of “Secret Skype Emoticons” somewhere out in the interwebs. I began my quest to hut down those elusive Secret Skype Emoticons and after some intense searching I found what I was looking for.

So I have decided to post this list of Secret Skype Emoticons here for you so you can benefit from them as much as I have.

Secret Skype Emoticons List

Secret Skype Emoticons: drop pants and moon! (mooning) Mooning emoticon, perfect…
Skype Emoticon: middle finger, how rude! (finger) Middle finger emoticon, a very rude emoticon to express yourself.
Skype Emoticon: swearing (swear) Swearing smiley, his words are just too rude to show!
Skype Emoticon: Rock on! (rock) Rocking smiley, making a hand gesture and enjoying his music.
Skype Emoticon: Cigarette (smoking) Smoking emoticon, this hidden smiley is one bad dude!
Skype Emoticon: drunk smiley (drunk) Drunk emoticon, this Skype smiley’s had a bit too much to drink
Skype Emoticon: Party time! (poolparty) Pool party emoticon, this guy just can’t wait to jump in!
Skype Emoticon: Toivo from Skype (toivo) A guy and his dog, not sure what this emoticon is about, but Toivo was a Skype engineer.
Skype Emoticon: smiley in mask (bandit) Masked bandit emoticon, quite unique. Good for when some stealth is required.
Skype Emoticon: angry (headbang) Angry smiley banging his head against a wall, we’ve all felt this way sometime.
Skype Emoticon: FUBAR smiley (fubar) FUBAR emoticon, for times when things just won’t work.
Skype Emoticon: tmi! (tmi) Too Much Information (TMI) emoticon, good for when you’ve heard more than enough!
Skype Emoticon: bug (bug) Bug emoticon, a black
Skype Emoticon: squirrel (heidy) Squirrel emoticon, a cute little critter and his nut. Heidi is a Skype staff member.


There you have it  just type the Secret Skype Emoticon code including the parenthesies like so “(code)” and you to can confuse your friends with all the amazing Secret Skype Emoticons that you know.

Now that you have had your fill of the secret Emoticons you can head on over to see some more Secret Skype Emoticons. Also there are some more Secret Skype Emoticons that were just recently released.

Thanks to Ajunkyard for posting the list so I could find it.