Safari Web Browser

When you do a lot of web browsing like I do, you can find yourself inundated with a myriad of different browser windows, each with different content in them. This can easily become overwhelming and even make it virtually impossible to find your way back to information that you had kept in a “Previous Window”. But there is an easy solution that can give you an instant way out of that nasty situation… and it all boils down to a simple keystroke.

Using this keystroke you can merge all of the existing windows into tabs in a single window, making your life much easier to deal with.

Here’s how you do it,

  1. Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu at the top of your screen
  2. Click on “Keyboard” and select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab
  3. Choose “Application Shortcuts” from the list on the left, then click the “+” plus icon to add a new shortcut
  4. Select “Safari” from the Application pull down list, then type “Merge All Windows” as the menu title
  5. Finally, set the keyboard shortcut to use, I went with Control+Command+W as a variation of the common close windows command
  6. Click “Add” then go back to Safari, open a few windows, and hit your keyboard shortcut to verify it worked.

And there you are, with just a few simple clicks of your mouse you can avoid being stuck in a Jungle of Safari windows ever again.

Good luck.