The internet is alive with tweets on Twitter from people of all shapes, sizes and persuasions. This micro-blogging phenomenon seems to be an all consuming past time for some people. Even I find myself hungering for the opportunity to send out a nice little 140 character or less message about what I have gotten myself up to. But then I find myself with a little bit of a conundrum, What is the best way to share all those little bits of wisdom with my friends, and stay up to date with what they are all doing?

If you find yourself with the same problem then look no further! Canary is an impressive little app that does just what you want it to. It can easily carve out a permanent place as a member of your application family. With just a few clicks you are off and going, using the small composition area to compose your own “song” to tweet away.

Unlike many similar applications Canary does a great job of keeping you focused on what matters most to you, by allowing you to select the list of friends that you most want to pay attention to and ignore your other lists while you are focusing on your favorites. But don’t worry this sweet app has growl built right in  so as you receive updates they are displayed one at a time through the growl interface.

Not only is this app convenient, but it is also light on the memory usage. I have used a bunch of Twitter clients, but never before have I found one that works this well and also doesn’t stomp it’s foot all over the ram that my other “critical” apps are using.

So all other features aside one of the best features in this applications bag is the fact that it is not only FREE, but also completely open source. So if you are a totally insane coding monkey, you can take this already sweet app and add some sugar (if you know what i’m say’n). So click on the link below, give canary a try and you never know, you may find yourself as in love as I am with this sticky sweet app!