Mootools Javascript LibraryThere are two things that are super critical in the web today, those things are first, having a great user experience and second, a superior presentation. Lightboxes are a method that might be the perfect way to add just the right touch and feel to your website, but the trick is finding the right one. Today we hope to highlight some of the best lightbox clones that are currently available for the Mootools Javascript Library, and additionally list some of their best qualities that help them stand out from the Lightbox Herd, so now for your consideration her is our Top 10 Mootools Lightbox Rundown.

 1: Slimbox

Slimbox is a lightweight lightbox that is an exact copy of Lightbox 2 but for mootools, both lightboxes being authored by Lokesh Dhakar. Slimbox is known for being small, effective, and fully customizable. Being only 4 Kb in size, it is a very quick and convenient method to feature your images.

Slimbox supports:  Images, and Image Sets


2: Multibox

Multibox is an amazing and multi-featured lightbox that can do some pretty sweet stuff. Phatfusion, alsoknown as “Made By Jam”, created Multibox to be completely full-featured, usable and accessible. They include several methods in navigating galleries and content, even keyboard shortcuts making the viewing experience that much more pleasurable.

Multibox Supports: Images, Image Sets, Inline Elements, Iframes, AJAX Content, Flash, Various Video Objects


3: Mediaboxadvanced

Mediaboxadvanced, created by John Einselen boasts to be an all in one solution, being capable of displaying your content how you want to. Now with their release of version 1.3.4 they also provide support for HTML5 players and compatibility with mobile devices. For beginners they also supply plenty of examples to implement Mediaboxadvanced.

Easybox Supports: Images, Image Sets, Inline Elements, Iframes, Video, Flash


4: CeraBox

CeraBox is the alternative lightbox, doing everything you need it to and being your alternative to any other. It has a large feature set, and with the release of their newest version, they now have added support for mobile devices even including finger gestures.

CeraBox supports: Images, Image Sets, Inline Elements, Iframes, AJAX Content, Video, and Flash


5: Milkbox

Milkbox is another lightbox clone but expanded. It does everything you would expect a normal lightbox to do and with style. Luca Reghellin, Milkbox Creator, provides us an easily customizable, user-friendly and HTML5 ready option to handle your basic lightbox tasks.

Milkbox supports: Images, Image Sets, Flash


6: Bumpbox

Although Bumpbox may not be the sexiest lightbox out there, it definitely competes for the most simple to implement. Not only is it quick to get set up, but it uses an auto-detection method to determine what content is being displayed. This is a great feature, especially for those of us who are considered noobs.

Bumpbox supports:  Images, Iframes, Video, Flash


7: ImageZoom

Have you ever wanted to view content both from inside of a lightbox and out at the same time, but got frustrated because you couldn’t? Well Bert Ramakers is here to change that all around with a new lightbox called ImageZoom. This clone allows you to view several images at once, also allowing you to drag the image out of the way so you can view whatever content may be underneath. Definitely makes for a cool user experience.

ImageZoom supports: Images, Image Sets


8: Litebox

The goal of Tyler Mulligan in developing this lightbox was size reduction. Weighing in at only 3 Kb Litebox is one of the smallest and “Lite” lightboxes around.

Fancybox supports:  Images, Image Sets


9: Smoothbox

Smoothbox is a beloved and well established lightbox clone. It is very easy to setup and very customizable to fit with any site. I have used it many times and it is a personal favorite of mine, hope you enjoy it as well.

Smoothbox supports: Images, Image Sets, Inline Elements, Iframes, AJAX Content


10: Quickbox

Quickbox finishes up our list of Mootools Lightbox Clones with its unique ability to quickly jump from one image to the next. Andrew Plummer has done a great job at making this one of the quicker more stable lightboxes here.

Quickbox supports: Images, Image Sets


Thanks for joining us for this rundown on Lightbox clones that use the Mootools Javascript Framework. Also a big thanks to for publishing The Lightbox Clones Matrix which helped considerably with our research.