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WordPress 3.3 has just recently been released, and with that release comes the ability to make your content a little more… timeless. For years the basic permalink structure on wordpress contained the year and month, or possibly even the day of your blog posts. But not all blog posts are time dependent. Unless you are a News organization or have a very specific reason for having information on your site that is specifically tied to a date, you probably don’t want your information to be tied to a date. And research shows that when people see dates in urls on google or other search engines, regardless of how relevant the content may be (because it’s timeless info) the users tend to pick other options that don’t look so… well… old.

But with the advent of wordpress 3.3 you now have the ability to have just the post name/title as the permalink structure element.


But obviously you can’t just make the change without loosing all the incoming links that are pointed at posts using the old permalink structure. Well fortunately for all of us Joost de Valk over at Yoast.com has built a quick and easy solution for you.

Use this tool that he has built to generate a 301 redirect line to add to your .htaccess file, after adding it to your .htaccess file Login to your backend and change the permalink settings to the “Post Name” option, and you are all set. Timeless content is now YOURS!!

Original Post on Yoast.com