If you are like me, you have spent hours working on design projects, and have acquired a nice library of resources that you will continue to use on future design projects.

One of those resources (in my case at least) is a significant number of Photoshop Brushes to add accents and textures to my designs. And a bit thank you to the many individuals that have created them and provided them for download.

My biggest frustration with Photoshop Brushes was the fact that if I didn’t keep them loaded up in Photoshop, then it became virtually impossible to find the ones that I wanted to use for a specific project. Sure I could hunt through all the files that had the right name associated with them, but in the end it was a pain, opening each one in photoshop to see what one I wanted to use. That is it Was a Pain until TODAY!!!

I had the fortune of finding a nice little freeware extension to Apples built-in QuickLook capability called BrushViewQL. This little extension has made my day, allowing me to not only preview the contents of the .abr files in finder, but also blow up the preview images with QuickLook. It is a great little extension, with some great potential. So go get it and save yourself some effort!

BrushViewQL Website

Original Post that I read about BrushViewQL