Pester - Don't miss events or appointments and application for your Mac

Punctuality, one of the most often praised qualities in individuals, is also one of those that most of us lack. But when trying to give a good impression and make things happen, it is probably best to be on ones best behavior, put the best foot forward, and not miss your appointment with your dream client, or that great job interview. Anyway you slice it, it’s better to be on time for things, than apologizing because you showed up late.

Well Pester is a nice little Mac Utility that attempts to help you make the best first impression possible. This app has a single purpose, to remind you about a single event (what ever that event may be) and then it is left up to you to make the most of that information.

Once you have entered in the event and when you want to be reminded about it Pester sits nicely in your dock, but always has a reminder of how long you have remaining until the anticipated time.

Then when the appointed moment arrives Pester can do a number of assorted actions to GET YOUR ATTENTION and make sure you don’t blow this.

It can jump in the dock, notify you with Growl, play an alert sound, display an alert dialog box, or speak a message using OS X’s built in text to speech engine.

Needless to say Pester takes away your excuses for your lateness. So download it today and arrive on time.

Download Pester