Website Screenshots for Mac OS XPaparazzi! – What a name… hehe. When I first started playing with this app, I thought, what am I doing? Who needs another screenshot application? OS X allows you to take screenshots directly from a keystroke, and there are tons of other apps out there that at least claim to take different types of screenshots. But to say the least I was plesantly surprised with this sweet little freeware mac app.

Unlike most of the other screenshot apps or widgets available out in the interwebs, Paparazzi! takes screenshots of websites. The cool thing is that it will take a single screenshot of the entirety of the web pages contents. That’s right, wether the webpage is 600 pixels long or 50,000 pixels long, it will take a picture of the whole page.

Now I know what your thinking, you could have probably used that on a previous web development/design project, or maybe when you were researching a topic. Then you can put the full contents and layout/design in your archive for future reference. What a liberating thought.

Additionally you can choose a minimum size for the screenshot to be, an optional crop size for the screenshot, a delay to wait before taking the screenshot (in case you want some interactive content to do something before taking the shot).

Additionally you can access your Safari and Firefox favorites/bookmarks, interact with a page (insert content, press buttons, etc…) before taking the screenshot.

You can also process urls or files as a batch, to take care of lists you want to archive without maning the keyboard and mouse.

All in all, this is one slick little utility.

Developers Site

Download Paparazzi!