Onyx for Snow Leopard LogoOnyx? you ask. What is it and why should I get it? Well let me explain. Onyx is the Swiss Army Knife of Mac Maintenance Products. I know, I know you mac “Just Works” and rarely has problems, but when it does or as a preemptive measure it is nice to have a tool that will automatically take care of the regular menial tasks so that you can spend your time on real important stuff. And Onyx is just the app to take care of your schwack.

Onyx has been around and free since way back in the good ole days of OS X 10.2 (Jaguar), and has released a new version of the software specifically to address certain issues with each of these different releases from Apple. It will clean out your old caches, trim your library files, rebuild your fonts cache, perform routine maintenance on your hard disks, and resetting basic parameters. In the world of mac users, Onyx is like a dog, that is because it is a mac users best friend. 

Many simple errors that users experience can be handled/thwarted with the use of this simple tool. Now honestly does it do any magic? The answer there is NO, it just does all the silly little things that you could do yourself to keep your mac running properly. But the fact is that you don’t do most of those things, and those that you do do, you don’t do regularly. So Onyx provides that nice simple interface that ensures you get the fixes made, and reminds you of some of the things that you forgot to do yourself.

So check it out, it’s FREE, and the worst case scenario is that you will actually have a slightly more efficient mac.

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