At long last our latest creation has been made manifest. The Browser Blocker wordpress plugin has been released on an unsuspecting populace.

What exactly is the Browser Blocker Plugin you ask? In simple terms it is what it’s name states, it’s a plugin for wordpress that allows the site owner to determine specific versions of various web browsers that they would like to bar from accessing their website.

Why would someone want to ban users from coming to their website and partaking of their web goodness? With so many different browser versionsĀ traipsingĀ around the interwebs at large, there are bound to be certain browsers that simply do not have what it takes to properly display many of the new capabilities that have been afforded by the release of HTML5 and CSS3. So rather than having to spend many extra man hours attempting to gain compliance with those inferior web browsers, now you can just ban them altogether and give your would be visitor a helpful nudge in the direction of some web browser upgrades.

So go check it out The Browser Blocker WordPress Plugin