I’m sure you’ve been there, working away on your next development project, pushing to meet a deadline for work, or writing that ever elusive thesis paper. And suddenly you notice that you have new emails, or that your friend has just tweeted some new nonsense, or that someone has just decided that they need to IM you about something, or… you get the picture. When you notice that distraction, it derails your train of thought while you direct your mental energies to reading/responding to the distraction. Then when you return to the business at hand you find that you take a little while to get back into the groove.

This is one of the never ending problems with our individual productivity, there are a million different things that are competing for a chance to distract us from being productive.

This is where Think comes in. This handy little app tries to do the same thing as Spirited Away (that we reviewed previously), but throws a new twist on it. Instead of hiding your unused applications, Think allows you to bring one app into focus and hide all other applications behind a covering of darkness… or some other covering if you so choose.

So the basic effect is to Black/White/some other color OUT everything else on your desktop, (icons, applications, etc…) so that you can focus on the application at hand, as illustrated in the screenshots below.

Select an application to focus on with Think

Select an Application


Use an Application with Think

Use an Application

Think is a very simple easy to use application, it gets serious about what it does… keeping you productive.

And although Think is not Open Source, it is a Free Gift from Freeverse.com so you have nothing to loose but your distractions. Check Think out today.

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