Anxiety is an amazingly small and sophisticated way to track your tasks and keep you from getting too stressed out.

The interface is very simple and unobtrusive, but very powerful. Anxiety takes advantage of the iCal backend that is already available in OSX to track and manage the tasks. The upshot of which is that the assigned tasks are also available in iCal, so that you can reference them when planning your Day/Week/Month.

Anxiety has an amazing ability of getting out of your hair so that you can do your work. But when you want to add a task or check off a completed task, it is available from a simple click of the icon on the task bar.

Anxiety is an amazing little app that solves many of the age old questions that a lot of us have had in dealing with streamlining our task oriented workflow. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the application and highly recommend it. The fact that it’s price tag is listed as FREE isn’t to bad either.

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