It may have a funny name, but this little app packs a big resourceful punch. Cyberduck is an amazing piece of software, initially setting the stage for superb FTP access and file manipulation, but it doesn’t stop there. Cyberduck has a vast array of different protocols that it supports, allowing you to connect to virtually any location and transfer/manipulate files on the remote location.

Here is a short list of protocols that it supports:

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • WebDav
  • Cloudfiles
  • Google Docs
  • Amazon s3

to name a few.

It’s interface is sleek and simple, providing for a seamless user experience. With support for such features as “quicklook”, “Growl”, “Spotlight”, and “Bonjour” it finds ways to fit into virtually any situation.

I have been using this app for years and it is a very effective, well rounded tool. I suggest that you never leave home without it. So without further adieu click on the link below to check out the developers website, download the app, and when you are satisfied that it is everything you ever dreamed it could be, send the developer a donation, he’s done some hard work to make sure that our lives are better and easier.

Cyberduck FTP Client Homepage